Rick admires those girls who ______red dresses. *
The minute we ---- his gift we ---- him a note of thanks. *
_________ I have more cheese on my sandwich? *
The rock band _________play very well last year. Now they are much beter. *
When I ---- to the park with my friend Jake, we ---- fun because it was such a nice day. *
_________there is a post office near here? *
Monica ...........smoking last month. *
Belinda -------when we came home. *
Every year,he goes to the coast for his holidays .... *
Look at the river. It ..............very fast today - much faster than usual. *
The passengers _________wear their seatbelts at all times.
I get up ______ seven o'clock every day. *
What __________ in your free time? *
Last year I ---- in a bank. *
When ________ to London? *
I ..... told him if I had known he was your brother." *
It happened yesterday, ......... *
I _________ like to buy the same television for my house. *
Her brother is ________ soccer player on his team. *
Jack is a nice boy, and I like _____. *
I like sushi, but Chinese food is ________ *
Most people ---- being disturbed while they ----. *
She ... yesterday. *

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